Emanuel von Baeyer

Expressive Baroque: Prints and Drawings From Central Europe 1700-1800

This catalogue is entirely devoted to rare prints and drawings of the so-called ‘Expressive Baroque’ in Central Europe 1700-1800. The term was coined by German Expressionist artists who rediscovered eighteenth-century German and Austrian Baroque art around the beginning of the twentieth century. ‘Expressive Baroque’ art drew on the works of late seventeenth-century Italian artists, on Flemish artists like Peter Paul Rubens and his circle and on Dutch artists of the circle of Rembrandt. The latter particularly influenced the ‘school’ of engravers active in Frankfurt around the middle of the eighteenth century. Artists of the ‘Expressive Baroque’ particularly distinguished themselves as peintre-graveurs. Our pioneering catalogue contains many rare and some unique examples of prints and drawings and helped stimulate a new interest in these works among collectors and museum professionals.

Catalogue by Emanuel von Baeyer. Order this catalogue.

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