Emanuel von Baeyer

Christ before Annas

Lucas Cranach The Elder
1472 Kronach – 1553 Weimar

Woodcut. Size of sheet: 24.5 x 16.6 cm. Watermark: Bull’s head with cross and flower (Piccard XI, 353).  


A. Kunz in G. Messling (ed.), Exh. Cat., Cranach et son temps, Paris 2011, no. 69-71, p.143. 
A fine and crisp proof impression before the edition for the Passion published by Cranach in Wittenberg 1509. 
The recent catalogue Cranach et son temps states that the Passion was likely commissioned by Archduke Frederick the Wise from Cranach, who was his court painter, and used as a gift for visiting dignitaries. 
In the Passion architecture becomes an important element of Lucas Cranach’s compositions for the first time. Scenes set in either exterior and interior surroundings predominate the cycle. Our subject, the Questioning or Prehearing of Christ before Annas, is set in a plain interior room, the space deepened by strong hatching on the background wall and behind Annas. 

Impressions before text are very rare. 

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