Emanuel von Baeyer

Italienische Altmeistergraphik 1500-1750. Georg Baselitz. Per Kirkeby

This joint catalogue (Sabine Kunst, Maximilian Verlag, Munich) includes Italian old master prints 1500-1750 and prints by Georg Baselitz and Per Kirkeby, dating from 1965-98 and 1979-97 respectively. The Italian works range from well-known prints of the Italian Renaissance – such as Cristofano di Michele Martini’s Allegory on the Power of Love – to hitherto undocumented examples, such as the rare and probably unique Coronation of the Virgin by an unknown Florentine artist of around 1500. Alongside these engravings are numerous old master etchings and chiaroscuro woodcuts, techniques which were also favoured by Georg Baselitz and Per Kirkeby. An illuminating introductory essay by Werner Schade explores the semantic and expressive possibilities of etchings and chiaroscuro woodcuts and emphasizes the influence of Italian masters on Baselitz.

Catalogue by Emanuel von Baeyer. Order this catalogue.

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