Emanuel von Baeyer

Susannah and the Elders

Rene Boyvin
1525? – Angers – c.1582

Engraving after Rosso Fiorentino (1494 Florence – 1540 Paris) or Lucca Penni (1500 Florence – 1556 Paris). Size of sheet: 31.4 Å~ 22.5 cm. Two watermarks: Heraldic shield surmounted by ecclesiastical hat and tassels (6 on either side?) and an X-shaped emblem with perhaps two fasces, with letter A in the lower part of the X.

R.-D. 3 (I/II (?); Bruce Davis, cat. no 68.

17th-century initial and numbering in brown ink. (Not in Lugt).

A very fine impression, with small margins around the borderline. Robert-Dumesnil records two states, (I) with no inscription and (II) with a production detail: “Julromain In.” and title: “Deux vieillars vont pour ravir la sagesse de Susane...”. We could not trace an impression with text to know where it would have been added to the plate. The cited impression at Davis (LACMA M.88.91.63) is trimmed 18mm into the image. It is considered to be doubtful that Giulio Romano is the designer of this print.

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