Emanuel von Baeyer

Andrieskapel, Maastricht, 9-19 March 2023

Emanuel von Baeyer returns to Andrieskapel for the third year alongside TEFAF, highlighting this restored 14th century chapel as a remarkable space for exhibiting contemporary art. This year’s exhibition, in collaboration with Braun-Falco Galerie, draws together 26 paintings and sculptures from the 1970s to the current day by various international artists. The works selected are assertive, colourful and unapologetically bold.

Open to visitors 9 - 19th March:
Thursdays - Sundays: 1400 - 2000
Monday - Wednesday: 1400 - 1800

Address: Andrieskapel, Andriespoort 11, 6211 WD Maastricht, The Netherlands

Andrieskapel, Maastricht
Andrieskapel, Maastricht
Andrieskapel, Maastricht
Philip Akkerman, Painting 2018 No.109, 2018
Peter Bömmels, 1993
Franz Hitzler, O.T., 2011
Lucebert, Virgo, 1992
Neil Gall, De Chirico Skull, 2010
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